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Special Webinar Version – Professional Fundraising Training- 2016 Summer Intensive June 28th – July 26th Tuesdays and Friday mornings 9am – 12noon 26 hours of instruction in 6 on-line sessions, and 2 in-person sessions

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Special Webinar Version – Professional Fundraising Training- 2016 Summer Intensive

June 28th – July 26th Tuesdays and Friday mornings 9am – 12noon

26 hours of instruction in 6 on-line sessions, and 2 in-person sessions

Cost: 1990NIS* Discount available for new olim

This is the most practical course you can take. It is great for people already working in the field or those new or even just hoping to get started. NGO Catalyst even helps you find work. Materials cover everything from what to do your first days, weeks and months on the job, how to find donor prospects, how to raise your organizations profile, how to make your grants stand out, how to create a fundraising strategy and more.

This Webinar format assures that you don’t waste any time traveling to and from the class. This is truly an exceptional opportunity for those who live far from the center of Israel and have therefore found it too difficult to participate in a professional training program.

Participants in the recent the recent spring courses had this to say:

“The research and grant writing course that we took at NGO Catalyst helped us immensely. Straight after having taken the research course, we implemented the tools and practical tips we were given and we saw results immediately. The grant writing course also opened our eyes to new ways of looking at submitting requests and standing out above the rest. Rachel is eager to help and she has a wealth of knowledge we are sure you can put to good use”.

Resource Development Team, Leket Israel


And a student from the last Webinar reported:

“NGO Catalyst significantly advanced my development as a fundraiser and grant-writer, and helped me secure the position that I was aiming for. The course material was very informative, and I refer back to it often – even if it is just to check the compatibility of a word within the goals/objectives of a grant!   Thanks again for being such an awesome teacher, Rachel!”

Tamar Roig, Resource Development Associate, Bakehila


Register now for the course or contact Rachel, the instructor and NGO Catalyst Director, to find out more. [email protected]

NGO Catalyst Professional Fundraising Training Spring Session Wednesdays May 4th – June 8th, 10am – 2pm, 24 hours

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NGO Catalyst’s general course is unique in that it provides comprehensive tachlis skills –  that people typically only learn from years of on the job experience and many people never learn at all: like how to set up your files and spread sheets, what financial records you need to keep and how, what giving vehicles are and how to manage them, prospect and wealth assessment research websites and how to access and read foundation tax documents, private donor cultivation and stewardship protocols, and more. This course is excellent for those already working in the field but who have never had any formal training as well as for those totally new to the field and looking to just get started.

Job search and networking assistance is provided for all course participants. Continued mentoring can also be available for the first month after job placement.

The course is taught by NGO Catalyst founder and director, Rachel Canar, who has more than 20 year of experience in the field.

This class teaches everything you need to know in how to actually do the work –  not just basic grant writing. Rachel explains what you need to do on your first day, your first week, your first month on the job. This class will cover a wide variety of subjects that are all that is necessary to run the resource development department of a small to medium sized nonprofit organization in Israel.

The class is interactive and very limited in size to ensure maximum participation from students.

Cost: 1990NIS including VAT,

*Discount available for new olim.

Location: 2 Kaufman, Beit HaTextile, 10th Floor, Tel Aviv

Orientation to the Jewish Diaspora for Israeli Fundraisers

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More than 90% of all funds raised by Israeli NGOs are provided by Jewish Diaspora communities. These Jewish communities outside of Israel that are built around Jewish community institutions and philanthropy which is a central component of Jewish life in the Diaspora. Understanding these communities, their institutional structures, their culture of giving and priorities is critical in order to succeed at fundraising in Israel. For Israelis this is all quite foreign, and this class with explain it all.