NGO Catalyst Special Advanced Series for People Already Working in NGOs

Fundraising in the post 2008 financial reality requires a major shift in strategy as simply sending as many grant proposals as possible does not yield success, with many reporting with an average of a 5% – 10% success rate for cold contacts. This course will teach you how to move way beyond grant writing. We will teach how you begin a private major donor program in the Diaspora as well as in Israel and how to keep those donors interested and committed to your cause. The course will focus on creativity in fundraising and how you build a strategic plan that incorporates many different ways to bring income to your NGO. At the end of this series, you will have created the basis of a strategic fundraising plan for your organization. You will be provided with the skills and wisdom of Rachel Canar, the founder of NGO Catalyst, and Shlomit Yarkoni, one of the leading private donor fundraisers in Israel consistently raising millions of dollars and shekels. Combined, Shlomit and Rachel have 40 years of NGO  experience, successes and failures, that provide the basis of the essential lessons in this course.