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NGO Catalyst encourages NGOs to employ in-house fundraisers and to only go to consultants for expert advice and extra assistance.

Many organizations, however, cannot afford to hire fundraisers with years of experience.

The Mentoring program helps NGOs by increasing the likelihood that the fundraiser that they hire will stay longer and be more successful.

The mentoring program provides support to in-house fundraisers who:

1) need help getting started in the field;

2) have experience but have never had any professional training; or

3) are seeking to build a new area of expertise to diversify their organization’s fundraising strategy.

The mentoring program provides up to 10 hours of one-on-one advising with an NGO Catalyst expert consultant who has from 10 – 20 years+ experience in the field. Mentoring can include weekly “supervision” meetings, quick question and answer phone conversations, or even personalized training on the specific areas you request.

A special deal is available to students who enroll in the full Professional Fundraising Course which adds a 3 month Mentoring Program following completion of the course.