Co-taught by Excel genius Naomi Pelled and NGO Catalyst Director Rachel Canar

Fundraising is made much simpler by using spreadsheets. Whether you are using Excel to track your daily work, keep track of donor prospects, make sure you reach your targets and deadlines; creating your program budgets for grant proposals, financial planning, or even using as your donor database, this computer program is central to so much of our work. Mastery of this program, formatting, sorting, short cuts, formulas, graphs and tables can save you hours of work and take your work to a much higher professional level. This class is a must for all fundraisers in order to be a manage all of your data and not waste time trying to do math! Regular Excel courses are much more expensive and are not tailored specifically to your daily uses. This class has been priced at a special discount because I really want you all to learn Excel!

Cost is 250NIS.

At the NGO Catalyst offices at 2 Kaufman, Beit HaTextile, 10th Floor, Tel Aviv