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NGO Catalyst supports fundraisers in order to advance Israeli NGOs that strengthen Israeli society.

Fundraising can be a lonely job with an enormous amount of responsibility, and oftentimes no one else in the organization understands what you do or can provide assistance. Whether true or not, the stereotype of the NGO sector is one which is highly competitive with a low level of collegial support.

The NGO Catalyst Community defies this stereotype. This site is dedicated to creating a supportive and helpful community where fundraisers can share recommendations, advice and resources that are not directly related to their own organizations’ financial support. On-line and in-person discussion groups provide a forum for peer mentoring and professional development, discussion about the larger issues in the field like ethics, compensation and professional recognition, and observing macro trends in philanthropy and the Israeli third sector.

Please contact Rachel Canar the Director of NGO Catalyst to find out how to get connected.

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