Our mission is to provide smart, top-notch professional consulting, fundraising, research and grantwriting services. Our work is tailored to help organizations and visionaries achieve the utmost impact in shaping Israel's society and reality, affecting public opinion and creating long-term change.


We have more than 50 years of combined experience and profound knowledge of the NGO field.
We are committed to transparency and accountability in our work.
We are responsible, realistic, and effective.


We believe in a holistic and personalized approach.
We are dedicated to measurable outcomes and improving society.
We value creativity and out of the box thinking for breakout results.


We are personally connected to all our clients.
We build partnerships with our connections in the NGO and philanthropic world.
We serve as a bridge connecting Jewish Diaspora and Israeli communities.

The larger goals of our work are: 1- To advance a truly representative, equal and inclusive Israeli society; 2- To strengthen underrepresented constituencies; and 3- To promote the values of diversity, tolerance for the “other” and cross-cultural exchange.



Tailored local and international fundraising strategies to best fit the needs of the non-profit sector in Israel, with an emphasis on responsible, reasonable and effective investment in resource development in a challenging and competitive international and local reality. We accompany you for 3-6 months, learning the inner workings of your organization and building together an effective fundraising strategy, integrating the organization’s culture, needs, and future expansion plans.

Our method of success relies on a step-by-step process to: clarify your goals, determine realistic objectives, shape resounding messages, and define activities to achieve your goal.

At Shlomit Yarkoni we develop comprehensive marketing material packages that include a full range of online and off-line products in English and Hebrew such as LOIs, brochures, annual reports, presentations and newsletters. Our team provides first-rate creative and high impact marketing material.

A successful resource development strategy includes an active Board of Directors. We build and engage your organization’s Board of Directors, encourage their active participation, arrange meetings, and accompany them on trips abroad on behalf of your mission.

Is establishing a Friends of Organization the right move for you? We offer you the pros and cons of having a permanent staff member, team, and Advisory Board in the US or Europe, the costs, and the best way to go about forming an effective “Friends of” that will make your organization a household name among Jewish communities in the US, Canada and Europe.

We offer one-on-one mentoring for your in-house fundraisers, leveraging our vast experience and expertise in order to “pass along” our knowledge to your new fundraising personnel. If your aim is to ensure that your new, or long-standing, fundraiser is successfully managing your resource development work, we can join your team and strengthen its capacity with on-site training and support.

Through NGO Catalyst we offer hands-on strategic training to help our clients determine the most effective tools that will advance their cause, providing skills training to your resource development department and organization. We offer singular courses or a series of training courses tailored for your organization’s fundraising demands with the aim of building your capacity and catapulting your organization to greater success.

If you are seeking to launch an income generating project, we work with you to build the business plan, create focus groups, and test your products. We work with you from the planning to the production stage.

Social causes do not necessarily have to be non-profits. Work with us to apply commercial strategies to launch a social business that aims to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. We work with your social business from conception to reality.

We are experts at organizational capacity building through partnerships by identifying organizations with shared goals and bringing them together. We foster knowledge sharing, resource collaboration, and the development of joint, large scale initiatives through partnerships.


Our top-notch grantwriters bring years of experience and millions of dollars raised from US, European and Israeli foundations, Jewish federations, institutions (USAID, EU) and corporations. Our grantwriting services include researching, writing, editing and submitting proposals and LOIs.

We identify local and international foundations that are in line with your organization’s program goals, providing new leads to funding sources within Israel, in North America, Europe and globally. Utilizing our NGO Catalyst Database, the most comprehensive foundations and funds databank in the market, we formulate fundraising mappings in relation to your organization's programmatic areas of interest, geographic focus, etc.

Fundraising is a process, and donor cultivation is key to fundraising success! Once the right funder is identified, we offer donor cultivation services that include outreach, meetings, tailored LOIs, marketing material, and mappings of donor networks and connections. We are committed to cultivating relationships with current and future donors.

Looking to raise money fast? Eager to leverage your network of email and social media supporters to raise funds? Want to have your message go viral? Our team will help you select the best Crowdfunding site for your organization, create high-impact messaging, build an effective campaign, and select the perks, products and rewards needed to get people to take the plunge and donate.

Shlomit Yarkoni connects organizations with individual philanthropists who share the vision and interests of the organization by initiating meetings, cultivating relationships, and leveraging your organization’s board of directors and funders to bring private donors on board.

Too often Israeli organizations land in the US or Europe unprepared, expecting to set up meetings and interviews on-the-go. At Shlomit Yarkoni we can assist in making your next visit a success and ensure that your time and money are well spent. We take over the planning and logistics of setting up meetings, we ensure that you deliver the right messages to the right audiences, and we provide the necessary follow-up once your return.

Whether you want to organize a conference or social event, a fundraiser, a press conference, or an event with high profile individuals, we plan, produce and manage innovative, cutting-edge events that get noticed. We bring a sharp eye for detail and look after the selection of venue, logistics, guest list, speakers, audio and visual planning, graphic design, speech writing, and staffing for the event. We also target the media so that your event is covered in print, radio, TV and the Internet.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among a number of online networking tools that are relevant not only to your beneficiaries but also for your donors. We provide guidance in relation to building a focused social media strategy, content writing and presentation, increasing awareness and involvement, and online fundraising. We also explore with you the relevance of Internet activism.

Your web content should drive visitors to take meaningful action to support your cause. Strong content that appeals to visitors will get them invested in your organization. We’re happy to be involved in a variety of ways as you work to build your website content – whether it is a new site or an old site that needs refurbishing. We are involved in content editing, writing, and website structure development to ensure that your website is effective as a vehicle for attracting potential donors, building an email list, and creating buzz around your organization’s important work.

Want to build an email list of potential supporters? Interested in updating current and future donors on your activities? We guide you to create clear and effective newsletters that grab the attention of your audience and get your message across. We support you in selecting the right newsletter service, design and layout, messaging and content. We work together to expand your mailing list to reach new audiences.

We support you throughout the life cycle of your project grant, including writing and submitting all required reports to foundations and funders. Funders want quantifiable results, and that is why we work closely with you to enhance your organization’s capacity to collect data, as well as monitor and evaluate your programming so that funders can obtain satisfactory reporting in relation to impact.


SHLOMIT YARKONI | Strategy and Resource Development is a full-service strategic communication and resource development firm serving leading organizations, political organizations and not-for-profits in Israel and abroad.



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